Choke Coils & Filter

We offer a comprehensive range of filter choke & coils, which are manufactured by us keeping into consideration the quality and functionality factors. Our range includes common mode choke, differential mode choke, iron-dust choke, buck-boost converter coils and many more.

Drum Coil

Drum ferrite cores are available in various Linear and radio coils modes and application of these coils are as Choke coils, Peaking coils, Linearity coils, Alarm coils, Power choke coils, Fixed choke coils, Filtering coils & Inductors.

We have accumulated abundant experience and established stable and credible business relationships with customers for drum coils.

Range: 6X8mm to 16X18mm

Common Mode Choke

Common mode chokes, used in Power Supply, Television, PC Monitor and white goods. These chokes are widely known as Line Filters and come in various size Like ET series, UT series, UI series UU series (UU9.8, UU10.5, UU15, UU16,) and EE series( EE16, EE25x9x6, EE25x13x7) fit for 1 to 20Amps. We manufacture all type of choke coils subject to customer specifications at very competitive cost.

Range: UU9.8 to UUEE2507

Differential Mode Choke

Differential Mode Choke is used to suppress the higher frequencies generated by Inductive and Capacitive coupling. This choke comes in various size from Torroidal Series (T10-T65), RM series (RM4-RM14) EE series and Drum Coils(DR 6x8-DR 16x18).

Range: T10 to T65

Source Coil

Source Coils are used in bikes, Automobile Industries, X-ray machine, Radio Transmitter Arc Lighting and Medical Equipment .We are a leading manufacturer of high grade source coils, which are the synonym of uncompromising quality and excellent operation. These source coils can be availed in accordance with customer’s requirements.

Iron-Dust Choke

Iron dust cores in different shapes including Toroid, E core, U core, Plain core Pot core are used as energy storage Inductor, DC output chokes, differential mode input choke, EMI/RFI applications. We offer these iron-dust chokes in standard as well as customized dimensions to meet the specific demands of our customers.

EMI & RF Suppressor Coils

The EMI & RF suppressor coils are widely used in Power Supplies, Television, PC Monitor and White Goods i.e Air Conditions, Refrigerators. These EMI & RFI suppressor coils are fabricated by us from the superior quality materials to make them last for long period of time.