Current Transformers

Current transformer(CT) is a type of instrument transformer designed to provide current in its secondary winding proportional to the alternating current flowing in its primary. The current transformer safely isolates measurement and control circuit from the high voltages typically present on the circuit being measured. Current transformers are commonly used in Electronic Energy Meters, Digital Panel Meters, and Motor Current Sensing Protective Relays in the electrical power industry. We offer the wide range of current transformers with optimum design quality raw material. We manufacture high and medium accuracy current transformers to suit requirements of the clients within following ranges:

Range: 5Amp. to 200Amp. (Range can vary according to requirement)

Ferrite Based Transformer

MnZn based ferrite cores are widely used in electronic energy meters. Ferrites having high resistivity, low eddy current losses & operated at high frequency. Ferrites are used for medium accuracy current transformers. Ferrite based current transformers are low cost & light weight.

Amorphouse Based Transformer

An Iron based amorphous alloy ribbon is wound in a toroidal shape to form a magnetic core to achieve the required magnetization properties. Iron based amorphous alloy ribbon, with a moderate saturation magnetic induction, low hysteresis loss can effectively reduce the Core loss by 75%. Amorphous alloy close to an order of magnitude higher than silicon is most suitable for making high-precision transformer core.

Nano Crystalline Based Transformer

Nanocrystalline based Current Transformer is Iron based Nanocrystalline ribbons, with moderate saturation magnetic induction, high permeability, low core loss and can effectively reduce the amplitude error and phase displacement of current transformer. Nanocrystalline cores offer linear hysteresis loop and high permeability compared to other magnetic cores.

Hybrid Core Transformer

Nanocrystalline and Amorphous core with unique combination of high saturation density, high permeability and low core loss have excellent properties. These are widely used for Electronic Energy Meters, telecommunication, Power Electronics etc.

CRGO Based Transformer

Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) silicon steels are used for laminations of the Power Transformers as well as Current Transformer. Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) sheets have superior magnetic properties in the direction of rolling. The crystals are aligned in the direction by cold rolling followed by heat treatment Process. CRGO Toroidal cores used in CT are round or rectangular shaped. We manufacture CRGO Toroidal Current Transformers for metering & protection as per customer specifications.