Lighting Industries

Light Industry is in the major transition phase moving away from fluorescent light to CFL to LED. Following factors are driving the change in the lighting Industry.

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Energy losses
  • Longer life
  • Smaller size
  • Faster switching
  • Superior reliability and greater durability
  • Environmental issues

Rosy has moved fast to understand the requirement of lighting Industry and has molded itself to be a major supplier of wound magnetic components for the electric transformer blast used both in CFL as well as LED lighting Industries.

LED Lighting

We are manufacturing LED drivers for domestic light, street light and all other types of LED light. Our drivers are useful for different wattage range viz 2-4 watt , 4-6 watt , 7-9 watt , 9-12 watt , 13-15 watt,16-20 watt , 20-25 watt and 28-30 watt at respective Voltage and Current rating. We use EDR ferrite cores with different size(EDR2609, EDR2610 EDR2810 etc) to have minimum power loss. We have a complete range of wound components for LED Lighting.

EDR, EFD, PQ & RM Series Ferrite Transformers

EDR series are used in LED Tube Lights. They are very high power core which generate power in very less space. Apart from EDR, we also use EFD, PQ & RM cores for LED drivers.

Range: 1W to 100W (Range can vary according to operating frequency)

CFL & Ballast Transformer

We offer super grade CFL Ferrite transformers, which are precisely designed for compact fluorescent tubes (CFL). We provide a comprehensive range of Ferrite transformers for electronic ballast, capable of working against very low & high voltage , surge & spikes.

Range: 1W to 22W (Range can vary according to operating frequency)

Solar Lighting Industries

We are engaged in manufacturing, supply and export of best quality Ferrite transformers, which are designed keeping in view the application requirements of solar lighting ( dc to dc Converter). Manufactured from good quality of raw material, these solar lighting Ferrite transformers provide long life operation. These solar lighting Ferrite transformers are offered by us to our clients at most suitable prices.

Key Features of Solar Lighting Ferrite Transformers

  • Individual specified turn ratio
  • Accurate secondary inductance
  • Polarity can be reversed as required
  • Low maintenance

Range: 1W to 100W (Range can vary according to operating frequency)